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Assistance with completing application forms for State and Federal benefits. Assisting with upgrading of Character of Discharge to “Under Honorable Conditions”.
Assistance in obtaining the Veteran’s Discharge Record or DD Form 214, military medals Recording the Discharge Record or DD Form 214 and any other pertinent documents at the Register of Deeds.

Burial Benefits Applications, provide flag and flag holder for veteran’s graves in Vernon County, maintaining Graves Registration of veterans buried in Vernon County.
Our Veterans Service Office maintains a relief fund that is overseen by a three-member commission. Commission members are appointed by the County Board with the CVSO serving as the executive secretary. The funds provide one time emergency aid on a very short-term basis.

VA Medical/ Mental Health apt. Transportation

The veterans Service Office is able to schedule rides for Veterans to VA Sanctioned medical and mental health appts.  As of March 2009 the cost for the transportation rests with the veteran. The cost will depend upon whether the veteran is entitled to Travel Pay from the VA Hospital/Clinic or not.

Hillsboro Office Hours and Dates

Office Hours in Hillsboro at the Farmers State Bank: First Thursday and third Wednesday (with few exceptions); 10:00am – 2:00pm