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The Vernon County Unit On Aging works to improve the lives of those age 60 and older and those who care about the elderly. This is only possible through the assistance of volunteers sharing their time and skills in multiple ways.

Volunteers make a difference by helping with many tasks. Some tasks can be done daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally or annually and volunteers can decide what tasks best match their interests and level of commitment. Volunteers apply through the Unit On Aging to complete an application and a background check to assure a good match with the volunteer and the program task. The following is a list of tasks and brief explanation of those tasks:

Nutrition Program - assists the dining center manager with the following:


Table preparation and cleanup - cleans/sanitizes tables and sets up

Makes table decorations

Food Services and cleanup - fills out containers for those receiving home-delivered meals and plates for those eating at the dining center. Does dishes at end of meal.

Counts donations and records data on daily participation logs.

Greets diners and calls those who were expected but did not arrive.

Entertainment and activities - musicians, story tellers, bingo or card game leaders, exercise leaders.

Education - shares information of value to diners.

Advisory Committee - attends quarterly meeting to provide input on planning and improving nutrition programming.

We provide training at the dining center.


Transportation Program


Volunteer Driver - uses personal vehicle to transport individuals to and from destination.

Attendant - rides on mini-bus to assist individuals who need additional assistance to and from destination.

Must successfully pass a background check, drug screen, and have a reliable vehicle with insurance.




Class Facilitator - receives training to offer evidence-based programming to caregivers.

Respite Provider - volunteers to stay with care recipients to allow the caregiver to take a break.

Friendly Caller - contacts caregivers or care recipients frequently to be a friend.


Health Promotion


Class Facilitator - receives training to offer evidence-based programming.

Exercise Leader


Special Events


Assists in planning events such as banquets, fair activities, mini-bus special trips or health fair.

Recruits volunteers to assist at setup and at the event itself.

Solicits donations and door prizes.

Markets and sets up displays.

Serves refreshments.




Represents county at regional and state meetings.

Aging Advisory Committee membership - attends public hearings and quarterly meetings to help Unit On Aging Committee make informed decisions.

Writes or calls to legislators, community representatives.


Office Help


Makes copies.

Assembles mailings.




Local TV


Posters and fliers



AARP Volunteer Tax Preparers


Local Coordinator