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Scenic Mississippi Regional Transit

When you determine where you want to go then you can get a SMRT Bus schedule by visiting or calling 877-444-6543.

Go to the bus stop location identified in your schedule and wait for the bus at the time listed. The buses try to maintain strict adherence to the times listed on schedule. They will not leave the bus stop before the time listed on the schedule. If you drive your vehicle to the boarding location please park at the location described on the 'Park and Ride' web page or schedule.

Exact fares, in cash, must be paid upon boarding the bus. Then find a seat, sit down and enjoy your ride. If you need internet access just turn on your device and internet access will be available. As you approach the stop where you plan to exit the bus, gather your belongings and if possible indicate to the driver that you will be getting off at the stop (buses will stop at the described stops whether or not they are notified by riders). When the bus stops, exit the bus and you have completed your trip. Check the bus schedule in order to plan your ride home.

The bus runs Monday through Friday.