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LWCD Office

Administering a variety of county, state, and federal initiatives, the Vernon County Land & Water Conservation Department cooperates with and furnishes financial, technical and planning assistance to other units of government, organizations and individuals.

The Land & Water Conservation Department is located in the Agricultural Service Center, and works in partnership with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Farm Service Agency (FSA), and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), also located in the Service Center.


Land & Water Conservation Department (LWCD) staff:

Ben Wojahn - County Conservationist

Telephone: 608-637-5482

Matt Albright - Technician

Telephone: 608-637-5478

Mark Erickson - Resource Conservationist

Telephone: 608-637-5483


Casey Kirking - Dam Maintenance Specialist

Nick Gilman - County Forester

Telephone: 608-637-5476

Marty Kennedy - Parks Administrator

Telephone: 608-637-5485


DeVerne Hanson - Parks Caretaker

Doug Avoles - GIS Coordinator

Telephone: 608-637-5314

Taylor Boardman - GIS Technician

Telephone: 608-637-5314


Sarah McDowell - Accounts Manager

Telephone: 608-637-5484