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Erlandson Office Building


Pamela J. Eitland, Director
James Lee, Supervisor - Family & Children Services
  Cathrina Gebert, Social Worker
  Brooke Shatek , Social Worker
  Melony Hansen, Social Worker
  Marla Sutton, Social Worker
  Theresa Berger, Social Worker
  Allison Waege, Social Worker
  Amy Bahr , CST Coordinator/Information & Assistance Specialist
Jill Bender, Supervisor - Long Term Support /ADRC
Barbara Mattice, Adult Services Social Worker
Sharon Williams, Mental Health Social Worker
Jeri Lynn Lindner , Developmental Disabilities Social Worker
Anne Schreier, ADRC Social Worker
Nicole Stachowitz, ADRC Social Worker
Tricia Clements, ADRC Social Worker
Erin Davis - WREA Income Maintenance Primary Supervisor
Vicky Zitzner, Economic Support Specialist
Rachel Babcock, Economic Support Specialist
Megan Hanson, Economic Support Specialist
Brenda Wright, Economic Support Specialist
  Ashley Jefson, Economic Support Specialist
  Katie Skolos, Economic Support Specialist
Marsha Everson - Financial Manager
  Amanda White - CCS Billing Specialist
Kelly Schwarz - Administrative Supervisor
  Kim Tainter, Administrative Assistant     
  Jodi Jefson, Administrative Assistant     
  Marla Marx, Sr. Administrative Assistant      
  Rosalie Langer,Sr. Administrative Assistant     
  Cindy Harter - WHEAP Sr. Administrative Assistant
  Cheryl Pinkham - WHEAP Sr. Administrative Assistant